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I asked why would I call my bank? I guess I'll read reviews from now on Yes 4. I have never signed up or used even the free service of whitepages yet within the last months I have had multiple charges on my debit card. Even canceled one debit card with the first charge and about 3 months later another charge. They ask for your CC info "to look up your account" and are trying to convince me someone is stealing my card number and only using it for whitepages membership. I mean seriously? This company is doing massive fraud and should be put out of business.

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And for all the people trying to call but cant get a number here you go Yes 3. I did research on dozens of people for work, since we had an account. Every report was an amalgamation of dozens of peoples information, and the reports even conflicted themselves. You are opening yourself up to a serious lawsuit if you use any information gathered here for legal purposes. Yes 2.

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I contacted WhitePages for a refund and they would not refund the money claiming that they had to pay for a background report which I never claimed because it wasn't the person I was looking for. I paid for info on an old friend. What I got was years old and completely useless. In less than a month. I go to the site only to find I have to pay again for the info I should have been given the first time.

Whitepages is a SCAM - just bilking people out of their cash. Some truth but even more fiction. Out of date information. Cannot even get current address or phone number correct. Just slaps together a bunch of irrelevant stuff and provides teasers to get more information like "2 more mobile numbers". A complete waste of money and time.

I have searched several people, myself included, on Whitepages and every single person has mostly incorrect information. There is some old correct info mixed in with the listings, but it looks like it just pulls all the information on the web into one name. So when you look up a name here you really just get information on the internet that is associated with the name, without regards to if it belongs to one person or twenty people.

This is not a tool I would use for information on anyone as it is very inaccurate. For instance, my girlfriend is Teresa B, and also known as Terry B. My Teresa B. These lies will impact her livelihood, reputation and her daily peace of mind, knowing that she is being judged, convicted, condemned and punished for things she never did. I'm considering making a special project of addressing, correcting and avenging this libel and slander, legally.

White Pages adds names and offenses of people of different names, genders and races, to their reports on people. I'll never again pay them for additional info, as they lure you with lies and false info about several people. White pages is filled with misleading links and advertisements. I did a search of a person in a certain city, state, zip code. I had enough info to drill down a decent search.

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White pages came back with having the info and more. I paid to see the info and details. What they showed me was a completely different person, different city, different state. All they had done is mimick my search criteria to lure me in to pay then posted some crap info. And then to re-do the search I had to pay again.

This kind of fraud should not be allowed. You should be ashamed, White pages. Remember when White Pages and Yellow Pages used to be trustworthy and honest? NO more.

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Before you read my review, please go ahead and search for yourself on whitepages. You might find your name, your address, your phone number, your approximate age AND a few possible relatives. This alarmed me; I expected my name, address and my old phone number the printed book usually has it I contacted a representative and she simply let me know that my name was removed, but it can still be avalible in other websites.

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I asked her how the site got my information but I received no clear answer. I hope yellowpages will be sued.

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That is too much information and Jun 25, PM PDT First of all, I would like to apologize if there was any incorrect or outdated information indicated by the records in your background report. At this time, we do not have the ability to edit the listings directly. When I pushed the "more information" button, however, the response was that the person "doesn't exist in our database".

It has my age right, but Razorette's wrong she's in the same group as me.

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The map also has us in the wrong damn spot. I've been working for months trying to get those damn online map places straightened out. People actually use those to try to find our house, and we have to keep telling them, "go 1. Got three hits for me. A part I've never lived in and don't know where it is, actually. Complete with job title.

I think that says it all! That's not far off for many urban locales, where a ZIP code may be only a few blocks or even just a single building, but in rural areas, it's way off most of the time. Well, this was interesting - for several months, we've been getting junk mail addressed to my husband at our home address but with the business name Ecommerce in the address. He had no idea what it was about.

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But when I looked us up, the listing came up with that name at our address but with his work number. I expect it was probably a site he registered for at work. And yeah, it had our age ranges correct. I've never been able to find myself when looking myself up on white pages except using my first initial and last name. This one had my whole name. Squicked me right out. I used the privacy options in the lower right-hand corner to have my entry removed. It's supposed to take days. Spock : Spock will help you find out where your friends are online with pictures, blogs, social networks, and web links.

CVGadget : Check out this search engine to find people on a variety of people searches at once. Pipl : Find people by username, phone, email, or names on Pipl. PeekYou : PeekYou profiles make it easy for people to find your websites, social networking, pages, and other stuff about you online. ZoomInfo : ZoomInfo offers a great source for finding both people and companies.