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Municipal reports: It is common in some towns to print certain vital records in the annual report.

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However, there is no statutory requirement to print any vital information in the town report unless a written request has been made by the registrant. If a resident asks in writing that a particular vital event be omitted from the annual report, the town must always comply with that request. If a resident asks in writing that a certain event be published in the report, including the birth of a child to an unwed mother, the town must also grant that request. Items included in a report of death must be limited to the name of the deceased, the place and date of death, the name of the father and the maiden name of the mother.

Items included in a report of marriage must be limited to the names and places of residence of the bride and groom and the date of the marriage.

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Adoption: Original birth records and notices of adoption are not subject to inspection except upon court order or by special procedures described in RSA 5-C Paternity judgments and affidavits, legitimation and change of sex documents: State agencies shall be granted access to these records when a specific legal authority is presented. The registrant and parents, legal guardians or legal representatives may also access the record, and any disclosure order from a court of competent jurisdiction shall be honored. Skip to main content. Christine Fillmore, Esq. Names of Local Welfare Recipients Regardless of any other legal requirement to release information about municipal expenditures, RSA c prohibits all local officials from publishing or disclosing the name, address or any other identifying information about any person who has received local welfare assistance, except as necessary to administer that assistance.

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Eligibility for Certain Property Tax Exemptions Some local property tax exemptions have income or asset limitations. Elderly Exemption to Property Tax The names of people receiving an elderly property tax exemption under RSA b may not be disclosed or printed in any list, with one exception.

Motor Vehicle Records Motor vehicle records are not public and may not be disclosed to anyone except for certain categories of persons identified in the statute. Enhanced System Information Information and records compiled under RSA Chapter H Enhanced System , such as listings of streets and house number ranges in a municipality and lists of all numbered structures on each street with multiple structures within the municipality, are not public records for the purposes of RSA Chapter A regardless of the use of that information for Enhanced purposes.

Local Dog Registrations Town and city clerks are required to register dogs owned by residents, and to record the names of the owners and the names, descriptions and registration numbers of the dogs. Some of the required or permitted disclosures include: 1. Voter Checklists Public checklists: The public voter checklist as corrected by the supervisors of the checklist must be open to public inspection by any person at all times before the opening of a meeting or election at which the list is to be used.

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Criminal Records With three exceptions, criminal records are not available to the public: 1 law enforcement officers may obtain criminal records for official purposes; 2 a person may obtain copies of his or her own records; and 3 a person may authorize another person in writing to obtain a copy of the criminal record. Background Checks Municipalities may require a background investigation and criminal records check on any prospective employee who would be required to work with or around children or the elderly, to enter the homes of citizens or to collect and manage money.

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Police Personnel Files Personnel files of police officers are generally confidential. Vital Statistics Vital records are certificates or reports of birth, adoption, death, fetal death, marriage, divorce, legal separation or civil annulment. According to RSA 5-C , only the following people: 1. The registrant the person about whom the record was made ; 2. Persons demonstrating a need for information for the determination or protection of a personal or property right; 5.

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Members of the news media when the information requested is of a public nature; 6. Persons authorized by the immediate family to conduct genealogical research; and 7. Article Topics:. April Mortgage Foreclosures and Property Tax Liens.

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Sign In. Death Certificates Confidentiality Old records are considered public records and are not subject to privacy requirements. Old records include: Birth records prior to ; death records prior to ; marriage records prior to Any death record from the year until present are available at any city or town clerk's office in the State of New Hampshire. If the death occurred prior to , you will need to obtain the death certificate from the city or town clerk in the municipality in which the death occurred or from the NH Bureau of Vital Records in Concord.

The individual signing the letter shall submit a photocopy of their government issue id.

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Access to large numbers of records at any one time shall not be permitted. Persons inspecting files may make notes and request copies. Copying fees will be charged at a standard rate.