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The old Supreme Court building was outdated and a drain on taxpayers, requiring frequent fixes, including a leaking roof and an air-conditioning system that often broke, McCallum said. In , the legislature passed a bill approving the fee increase, and it was signed by Gov. Bill Ritter. The increase was largely approved because data shows Colorado ranked in the middle nationally for the cost of the court fees, McCallum said.

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For divorces, Colorado ranked 20th in the nation for costs; it now ranks 17th. The price of filing a civil suit ranked Colorado 27th in the country; it now ranks 18th. But Cerullo and many other indigent people in Colorado qualify for fee waivers. In some counties starting April Pay by card. You cannot waive fees if filing electronically. What do I Pay? Note - Fees cannot be waived if E-Filing.

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Per-Filing Fee For electronic filings only. Give paperwork by Personal Service.

Or, The Respondent can waive service. If so, they would file JDF a. How can I File? Return of Service - JDF b.

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Please note that lobbyists are active in the state of Colorado and laws concerning civil procedure and process serving can change. Therefore the information listed below may have been amended. For updated process serving legislation, please visit the Colorado State Legislature web site. Register for the ServeManager free day trial today and get full access to all of the powerful, time-saving features. It takes less than a minute to create your account and start saving time on your serves.

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Issuance of Summons by Attorney or Clerk. The summons may be signed and issued by the clerk, under the seal of the court, or it may be signed and issued by the attorney for the plaintiff. Separate additional or amended summons may issue against any defendant at any time.

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All other processes shall be issued by the clerk, except as otherwise provided in these rules. The summons shall contain the name of the court, the county in which the action is brought, the names or designation of the parties, shall be directed to the defendant, shall state the time within which the defendant is required to appear and defend against the claims of the complaint, and shall notify him that in case of his failure to do so, judgment by default may be rendered against him.

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If the summons is served by publication, the summons shall briefly state the sum of money or other relief demanded. Except in the case of service by publication under Rule 4 g or when otherwise ordered by the court, the complaint shall be served with the summons, and in all other cases service of a summons alone after the effective date of this amended rule shall not constitute service of process.

In any case, where by special order personal service of summons is allowed without the complaint, a copy of the order shall be served with the summons. Process may be served inside or outside this state by the sheriff of the county where the service is made, or by a deputy, or by any other person over the age of eighteen years, not a party to the action;.

Service by mail or publication shall be allowed only in actions affecting specific property or status or other proceedings in rem. It shall state the facts authorizing such service, and shall show the efforts, if any, that have been made to obtain personal service and shall give the address, or last known address, of each person to be served or shall state that the address and last known address are unknown. The court shall hear the motion ex parte and, if satisfied that due diligence has been used to obtain personal service or that efforts to obtain the same would have been to no avail, shall:.

A defendant who waives service of a summons does not thereby waive any objection to the venue or to the jurisdiction of the court over the person of the defendant.