Background information on foreign terrorist organizations

Even before news emerged of a possible terrorism designation for the Revolutionary Guard, more than Iranian entities and individuals were already under U.

But the administration is now taking the rare step of designating another country's military force as a terrorist group. Zarif and other Iranian officials sharply criticized the U.

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The U. Responding to news of the pending announcement, Zarif said Trump is granting a long-held request from Netanyahu.

[USC02] 8 USC Designation of foreign terrorist organizations

Netanyahu welcomed the move once it became official Monday, calling Trump a "dear friend" and thanking the president for his decision. When asked about the timing of the designation on Monday, senior Trump administration officials said it had been in the works for months. They also said that in the past, there has been bipartisan U. As Pompeo described the Trump administration's rationale for making the terrorist designation, he said the Revolutionary Guard now plays a large role in Iran's economy, "through pure kleptocracy.

Administration officials also reiterated allegations against Iran that were made last week, when the State Department's Brian Hook, U. When he announced that figure, Hook did not give many details about those deaths; on Monday, he said the U. Hook also accused Iran of causing widespread problems, saying it supports the Hezbollah in Lebanon and Palestinian groups such as Hamas, and backs the Houthi military insurgency in Yemen, where Iran has been engaged in a proxy war with Saudi Arabia.

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View the discussion thread. Share Tweet Email. Here, members of the force march during a military parade in Tehran. Second, law enforcement pursues domestic terrorists via different rules and structures separate from international terrorists.

Profile of the terrorist group involved in hijacking of Indian

Investigators must pass higher thresholds to initiate investigations and have fewer tools and resources at their disposal. In sum, domestic counterterrorism remains a reactive affair, in which investigators respond to violent massacres and then pursue criminal cases. Countering al Qaeda and the Islamic State is no easy task, but the process for conducting international counterterrorism is far easier because the U. Criminal Codes. Lacking designations for initiating a nationwide case for pursuing connected violence, federal law enforcement largely pursues cases reactively after an attack.

Individual cases are pursued across dozens or even hundreds of jurisdictions even though subjects congregate, communicate, and collaborate with each other in online environments. If the U.

Should cartels be labeled foreign terrorist organizations?

A domestic terrorism statute or designation process would resolve this challenge but may be impossible to effectively create or implement. Alternatively, we could develop a process allowing the FBI Director to open nation-wide cases when violent ideologies inspire mass casualty attacks and are connected to multiple cases, incidents, and reports across the country.

The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

With congressional oversight, reasonable thresholds could be established for placing federal, state, and local law enforcement into a preemptive posture similar to our approach with al Qaeda- and Islamic State-inspired terrorism over the past decade. After the September 11, terrorist attacks, agencies dramatically increased their staffing of intelligence analysts and committed research funds for understanding terrorist ideologies helping to identify key influencers, ideological justifications for violence, and radicalization pathways for those enticed to join terrorist groups.

With domestic terrorism, threat knowledge comes anecdotally from the experience of the most seasoned investigators. Few, if any, personnel and resources are dedicated to establishing a collective picture of which violent ideologies perpetrate violence, why they do it, and how they overlap. Indicators of mobilization to violence are largely unknown or undefined, yet we have extensive data about past perpetrators that we could analyze and new technology tools for understanding terrorist sentiment, associations, and mobilization.

U.S. set to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group -- an unprecedented move

The best sources for understanding these domestic terrorist threats reside outside the U. Since they lack research and training, we cannot expect investigators to preempt the current spate of domestic terrorist attacks. To reduce the frequency and scale of international terrorism in the U. With domestic terrorism, federal investigators have less ability to observe online threats than I have from my home. Federal agencies may have extensive relationships for conducting outreach to at-risk individuals and communities in the international terrorism context, but they have only a few, if any, in the domestic terrorism context.

All the groups the U.S. considers Foreign Terrorist Organizations

In the online space, federal agencies might look to rapidly increase their partnerships with groups like Moonshot CVE, [4] which employs innovative approaches for spotting and engaging vulnerable individuals via social media in both international and domestic terrorism contexts. International terrorist threats brought about a whole-of-government approach by which federal resources created terrorism task forces synchronizing information sharing and actions across the country to defeat distributed terrorist networks.

We have intelligence fusion centers stretched across the country designed to detect international terrorism now seek out more missions to sustain their utility and existence.