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At backgroundchecks. Run this report now or See a sample state criminal history report. Nebraska has several laws and ordinances that dictate or restrict the use of criminal history information in hiring situations.

You should be aware of these restrictions before you order a Nebraska state background check. Below, we have outlined the most relevant legislative limitations. Currently, there is one piece of ban the box legislation in effect in Nebraska.

Nebraska Legislative Bill was signed by the state governor in April The legislation bans public employers in the state from asking questions about criminal history on job applications or in interviews. It applies to state, county, and city governments and most related departments. There are exceptions for law enforcement agencies and school districts. At the moment, no law restricts private employers in Nebraska from inquiring about criminal history whenever they wish.

There is no law in Nebraska that restricts the ability of employers to access or consider arrest history information.

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So long as an arrest has not been officially expunged from the public record, employers may inquire about that arrest and consider it in the decision-making process. While no state law bans the use of arrest records, employers across the country are advised by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission not to consider arrests that did not lead to convictions.

If there is an arrest but no conviction, there is no proof of guilt and therefore no true grounds to disqualify a candidate based on that information. In many instances early intervention may result in a dismissal or being charged with lesser offenses. He handles all stages of each case personally, always pursuing the most favorable results possible for his clients.

Alternatives to incarceration such as drug court and diversion programs are sought whenever possible.

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Attorney Tregg Lunn is one of the few lawyers who the United States District Court appoints to represent indigent individuals in Federal court in Nebraska. OUR Articles. Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record.

Criminal Defense. Being convicted of a crime… Everyone makes mistakes, and most of us would like to keep our mistakes private. What can be done about a past conviction?

Another remedy for state violations A pardon from the Board of Pardons, a three-member board, comprised of the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of State. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.