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Finding Aids These finding aids registers describe archival resources held by 24 repositories throughout Wisconsin. Visit Us Get expert advice in how to create a family tree or hunt for clues about an ancestor's past. Webinars and Workshops Don't miss our upcoming webinars, workshops, classes. Related Resources Click on the links below to learn more about these resources.

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Wisconsin Local and County Histories 16, historical and biographical articles published between and from hundreds of Wisconsin local newspapers. Visual Materials in Our Collections The Society's Archives holds approximately 3 million images across more than 6, collections. Wisconsin in the Civil War This is the oldest map in the Parker collection.

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Area Research Centers Use the Society's courier service to have Archives materials transferred to a research center near you. Guides and Instructions Ready to begin your family history research? Family portrait What is family history? Where do I start? Record information in the detail and spelling provided.

Birth, death and marriage certificates provide a lot of helpful detail.

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Each certificate in the search sequence can provide information to help you find the next one. Information on certificates in each State may be obtained at Graham Jaunay's site Adelaide Proformat.

Each Registry site provides links to the others. Crosscheck names, ages, birthplaces provided for individuals in one certificate with those in another.

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Trace backwards and record from yourself starting with your full birth certificate This provides you with information about an earlier generation, your parents: your father's full name and place of birth and occupation at the time your mother's maiden name, age and place of birth when and where your parents married. Information includes: parents' full names, ages and birthplaces grandfathers' names and occupations grandmothers' maiden names.

Editor, Caroline Gerard , editor scotsgenealogy. Indexes for the Scottish Genealogist covering is available. An index for is also available and is in two versions: one for use electronically; the other intended for printing a paper copy. Family History Centre The Society, based in Edinburgh and founded in , helps with research into Scottish family and local history.

Run by volunteers, we can advise you at all stages in your research.

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Course fees may be paid online in the Society's Online Shop. SCO Email enquiries scotsgenealogy. The Society Offers Ken Nisbet, who has many years experience in researching family history will take this class.