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Access to crash rate reports is blocked until the process is complete. District safety offices will receive notification when the process of generating crash rate statistics is complete. Updated crash rates should be available during the week of Oct 22 — Several crash data systems with query functions exist for interested users.

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SSOGis is a web-based query tool that shows current crash locations in a publicly accessible map-based interface. Critical crashes crashes containing one or more people with fatal or serious injuries with completed location processing in , and are available in SSOGis.

The Query Tool has a function that allows you to download data in Excel, Word or as a shapefile. The site currently has the complete years of data from through and shows some locations for and Ultimately, it will show all of our currently located crashes, refreshed weekly. We are still working to implement the weekly refresh function.

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Older years are available as static layers in the old format but cannot be actively filtered using the query tool. The focus of the webinar series is to inform, educate and train both professional and public audiences on a multitude of topics related to crash data. Internet Explorer IE 10 and earlier should not have any problem and as of this posting, it still was working for Firefox.

If you have problems accessing the SSOGis please be sure that you are using a compatible browser before reporting any issues. We are working to update the application to HTML5, but it will take some time before the new version is ready. The Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office is required to identify and address traffic crashes on public roads that are maintain by state or local entity.

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However, data for local roads is not always complete; therefore, the FDOT Safety must use innovative approaches to account for this shortfall. The underlying principle of the Allocator process is to use the results of the Turnpike State Model TSM statewide transportation model and apply it to all roads and streets in Florida. This document describes the Allocator process. Florida Traffic Safety Metadata — Information concerning transportation related safety data across multiple agencies can be found at the "Download" section of the portal see the link to the left.

Future enhancements will include information from other state agencies Department of Health, and Agency for Health Care Administration.

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For some smaller accidents minimal property damage and minimal injuries calling a police officer may not be necessary and the drivers involved can opt to file a short form crash report online. A short form accident offers a quick glance of the accident and the drivers involved.

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For serious vehicle accidents, a police officer will write a long form traffic accident report. These can be pages and includes the information of all drivers and vehicles involved, a narrative a short description of how the accident happened , and a diagram of the accident. Traffic accident reports are crucial because the information it contains may help support your injury claim. Accident reports will tell you….

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