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If your case is complex, you might need experts to testify. The circuit you file in depends on where you or the other party depending on the facts of your case reside.

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There are so many kinds of costs. Imagine discussing those with a spouse you want to be separated from..

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The downside to allowing evidence of an affair in the divorce courtroom would be longer courtroom battles and more more legal fees. Your email address will not be published.

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Portland has a few processes similar to divorce that are helpful to be familiar with these, as they may apply to your circumstances. A summary dissolution is similar to a divorce in that it ends your marriage, but you may not need to appear before a judge. Portland also has a process called legal separation.

A legal separation may allow a court to decide issues like child support, custody, and restraining orders. An annulment is when a court says your marriage was never legal in the first place, so you are not legally married. A marriage might be annulled if one of the partners was already married, was too young to consent to being married, or was tricked or forced into getting married. Until , Oregon did not allow same-sex couples to marry or recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

Uncontested Divorce in Oregon

However, same-sex couples were able to register as domestic partners, and domestic partnerships can be ended by a judgment of dissolution. In May , the ban was declared unconstitutional by an Oregon court, but a final decision was still on appeal in the court system. A Portland divorce begins when one spouse files a petition for dissolution. You can file a joint petition with your spouse or file on your own. The petition gives the court some basic information about your marriage and asks for the orders you want the court to make regarding your property. If there are children involved, there is additional paperwork regarding child support, custody, and parenting time.

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Portland also requires you to file a Summons , containing important information for you and your spouse about the divorce process and limiting what you can do with your communal property, money, and other assets and debts. The Summons can also prohibit either you or your spouse from moving out of state with your kids, if you have any, without prior written consent from your spouse or a court order. Depending on your financial status and whether or not you have children, you may need additional forms , which can be found on the Oregon Judicial Department website.

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You can reach the court at Here is a complete list of Portland area courthouses. There are also family court facilitators available at the courthouse who can estimate the best divorce forms. Please note that these court staff members are not practicing lawyers and cannot give legal advice. If your spouse and you agree on everything before you file together, a dissolution case could move quickly. If a judge has to make decisions on contested issues, the case will take longer.