How to find your towed car

Please understand that you must attend the hearing to contest the tow. In most cases if a vehicle is parked in violation of posted parking restrictions a ticket will be issued. But, a parking ticket is not necessary to tow a vehicle. Once the vehicle is raised from the location, it was parked the vehicle must go to the pound. Yes, you are only responsible for the towing fee initially.

Once you notified the vehicle is at our facility, you will only have 48 hours before we will include storage and administrative fees. There are several ways you can provide documentation allowing an individual or insurance company to act on your behalf.

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You can come into our location and sign a release. These documents can also be faxed. Your vehicle may have been relocated. Relocations are performed to clear the street for work by various agencies. This may be done in an emergency without an opportunity to notify the public with posted signs. Call , before you report the vehicle stolen.

You should follow the instructions on the Violation. If any questions, please contact Parking and Fines.

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However, all outstanding citations will be included in your fee to release the vehicle from impoundment. Checks are not accepted. Vehicles impounded for the following reasons cannot be released until you visit the Vehicle Impound, and you have contacted the proper agency: Narcotics, Arson, Etc. Skip to main content. You are here Home Vehicle Towing. Vehicle Towing The Towing Division is responsible for removing abandoned and illegally parked vehicles. Call or call us at Why did my car get towed? Cars may be towed for one of the following reasons: parking in violation of posted signs; to clear a vehicle that has been involved in an accident and is blocking traffic abandoned vehicle police arrest Where was my car towed?

Find a towed vehicle

I believe my car was damaged at the Impound or when it was towed. How can I file a claim? I do not agree that my car should have been towed.

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Is there anything I can do to contest the tow? Getting car insurance after going without for any length of time can make things somewhat difficult and likely expensive in most states. Uninsured drivers are often considered high risk drivers. High risk drivers have a more difficult time getting car insurance, usually because it can be so expensive.

Remember every day wasted, is more money out of your pocket. The faster you take care of the items listed above, the less money this situation is going to cost you. Getting your car out of impound fast is going to be decided heavily on whether or not you have the cash to make it happen. Get your finances in order and follow the steps laid out above and you should have your car out of impound relatively fast. Let's Connect! The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance, you accept our.

Rules of Thumb Ways to Save. Policy Fundamentals Rules of Thumb. By Emily Delbridge. Still Can't Locate Your Car?

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The lot does not instantly have your vehicle on file at the time of the tow. Give it some time and call again after a few hours have passed to find out if your vehicle is listed as being in their lot. Your car may have been stolen!

Wrongfully towed? How to get your money back

After thoroughly looking for your vehicle at tow yards and impound lots, it might be time to notify the police of your vehicle being stolen. A stolen vehicle is definitely a serious situation, but its no fun to contact the police just to find out your vehicle has been impounded and not stolen. Ask a friend or family member who owes you a favor. Sell something of value quick! Ever considered getting paid to donate plasma? Last resort look for a Pay Day Loan Office or get a line of credit. Great preparation is the key to a smooth pick up.

Find out if your car is located at the lot. Ask about the lot's opening and closing times. Find out how much you owe given the day of pick up.

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Find out what forms of payment they accept. Get a minimum of three to help get the best deal.

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Look for insurance agencies who specialize in high risk drivers. You will often get better service because the agent will be more interested in you as a customer. Many preferred agencies will write high risk policies, but they often give the best customer service to their preferred good risk drivers which often make up the bulk of their clientele. Online car insurance is an option, but make sure you research coverage and be sure to speak with a representative if you have any questions about your policy. Ask the quoting agent about the discounts they offer.

Many provide discounts for senior citizens , home ownership , miles driven to and from work, being a member of a credit union, and more. What Coverage Do I Need? It does not mean that is the best coverage for you. Any good car insurance agent will tell you the state minimum coverage is not enough. Choosing the preferred higher liability limit is sometimes rewarded with a better rate. It is worth checking different coverage amounts to make sure you are getting the best possible coverage at the best possible rate.